First Things to Do when Planning a Wedding

There are five key elements that we feel are essential to planning a wedding:

  1. Who is funding your wedding? If you parents are funding the event; take them to dinner and discuss what they want to spend for the wedding day.
  2. Who’s coming to the wedding? Brides, Grooms and parents need to make their lists; this is going to impact your budget in every aspect; venue size, catering, rentals, etc.
  3. Where will you get married? Select your ceremony and venue locations before you meet with wedding professionals.
  4. What is your style? Make notes and find inspiration ideas that outline your style of wedding; this will be helpful to stay on focus.
  5. Let the fun begin! Meet with wedding professionals for service and pricing information; this is essential to determine a realistic budget. Most wedding planners offer this service and it can often help in determining the resources that are best suited for you and your budget.