A First Look

We loved working with Kat and Graham for their wedding last September. Designing their event was fun, their guests were fun, and they had the best First Look that we have probably ever seen!! A first look is something that is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons why a first look is truly ideal on such a big and stressful day:

1) It gets the jitters of seeing each other out of the way.
2) You have a private moment to cry, hug, kiss and just have that moment between the two of you.
3) You will spend less time on the post ceremony photos so you can get to seeing your family and friends!
4) You get to share a private conversation with your soon to be partner with no one else around.

We just have to share the photos (courtesy of Andrea Murphy Photography) from their Look so you can see why it was so special and see what we mean about the benefits of having one for your wedding:

All these moments were easily captured when the lighting was perfect, the energy between them was calm and there wasn't the pressure to rush to get these while also trying to get all the shots with the family.